The Girl

The Girl is the (thus far) only recurrent character from Volume 1 to Volume 2. She is, like most Yarboa, quite dedicated to her family, but has been forced into exile by her explosive history with the Eindring. She currently lives in a relatively comfortable cave in the nearby mountains, by herself.

Likes: Tea, watching her friends play around, working with her grandparents.

Dislikes: Hiding, seeing blood, hot weather (relatively speaking).

The Bearded Man

The Bearded Man is the same age as the Girl, and has been friends with her since they were children. An unusually passionate young man, the Bearded Man has joined the local monastery, though he is seriously considering breaking his vows to be with the Girl... except that he hasn't had the courage to find out her feelings on the matter.

Likes: Defending his heritage, the Girl, string instruments.

Dislikes: Goodbyes, outsiders, inebriation.

The Tattooed Man

Another childhood friend of the Girl, the Tattoo is energetic and playful, and often appears childish. Underneath his goofy exterior, the Tattoo is actually an extremely reliable person who has come through many times for his friends, often at tremendous peril to himself.

Likes: Roda Jogo, driving, finding happy mediums.

Dislikes: Seeing people in need, eating cold food, his parents' opinion of his girlfriend.

The Boys

The main characters have a large and diverse group of friends, but the core of their group is usually just referred to as "The Boys". Collectively, they are very active and energetic, frequently playing Roda Jogo in their overlapping free time. Interestingly, "The Boys" includes a handful of girls, most notably the Girl.

About Sandstorm Conscience

Sandstorm Conscience is an extended examination of miscommunication between cultures, and the harsh consequences that are born from that lack of comprehension.

The Sandstorm Conscience series is the most lasting and thought-out project by TSHolden to date: the first book is completely scripted, and the second volume is being released incrementally as a webcomic. The first volume is still in need of a proper artist, someone better than my chicken scratches, so contact me if you're interested.

The Red Books are best viewed at 50% resolution on most monitors, with two-page side-by-side. Volume 2 is a mostly normal webcomic, but makes extensive us of hovering to spice things up. Comments welcome.

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