Introductory Questions

  • When do you update? - I put up a new page almost every Friday. Then, 24 hours later, the dialog goes live, which is rendered as a separate image which you can read by hovering over the comic page (that is, if the page has dialog, a lot of them don't). Finally, 24 hours after that, I add in the texturing/coloring, resulting in the final product.
  • Why such a convoluted update schedule? - I want to let my readers read at the pace they want to: some people like to read a page as soon as the art is done, others prefer it with the dialog, and still others want to see the final version. This way satisfies each, without killing me, and also gives my readers insight into how the art process works. It also make me more accountable for my pages.
  • What's this Roda Jogo crap? - It's an webcomic intended to bolster up the SC world and force me to refine my ideas and designs before progressing on the more serious Volume 1 graphic novel.
  • Why aren't there any words or why isn't there any English? - The whole comic is a metaphor, addressing just how badly miscommunication can go. I have created a pair of fully functional languages that are completely incompatible as a statement : in order for the statement to work, I have to leave the reader as clueless as the people who are speaking only one of the languages.
  • Do you know what the Yarboa/Eindring are actually saying? - Yes. I've still got some grammar rules to work out, and I need to make some more irregular verbs, but I've basically gotten two functional languages done. I'm kind of hoping that people will go ahead and make a fan translation, that'd be h-core. :)
  • If the above is yes, will a translation be available? - Mmm. If you're lucky. I have this crackpot idea of printing a "collectors edition" that would include extra setting details, character profiles, and a translated version of the comic, but only if we work everything out first, and the comic does well.
  • What is a 'Red Book'? - A Red Book is my way of indicating a rough draft. I write and draw in red ink initially, so that I can make edits and inking in black for the final version. Therefore, a Red Book is one that will probably have edits made to it.
  • Is the Red Book going to stay up once you begin working on the comic? - Probably, though not in a prominent location.
  • How close is this Red Book to how the final will look? - I hope they're pretty close, but experience in editing tells me that there will probably be significant differences. I'm hoping to recruit some high-level editors into giving me some sincere feedback before we get too far into drawing this thing.

Art Questions

  • Do you have any concept sketches up? - Yes, I have some here , here , here , here , and here . There is also an extremely early sketch here that had a hand in starting off some of the core concepts of SC.
  • Any other SC content online? - I did make a primitive word generator and also a fake newspaper . If I make anything else I'll try to remember to link to it from here.
  • So are you going to write and illustrate everything? - For Volume 2, yes. Volume 1 will not be illustrated by me, according to my current plan.
  • Have you found an artist for Volume 1 yet? - No one's contacted me , but I have started looking . Please email me if you're interested!
  • So is Roda Jogo taking away from the production of Volume 1? Isn't that kinda backwards? - I really want Volume 1 to be top-quality, so I'm looking for a lineartist. This means that 0 work is getting done on it. While I'm waiting, I may as well make Volume 2 come to life.

Other Questions

  • What does Roda Jogo even mean? - "Circle game" in Portugese. I'm trying to draw quiet little connections between the game and Capoiera. It's still just a working title though.
  • Why have I seen "Anel Jogo" in the past? - It means almost exactly the same thing, but I found that in English "Anel" can be easily deformed into another word. So we switched to Roda, which is slightly easier to say too.
  • How are you planning to get this published or who would you like to be the publisher? - >_> Uhm. <_< At the moment, I'm planning to run the initial prints myself, using the GAIT machinery, as a school project. We'll see how that flies once we get to it. If not, I have connections with Precision Printing and a few other local printers.
  • How do you pronounce Yarboa? - zhair-bow-ah. Or you could pronounce it jehr-boa. It depends on whether you're a city dweller or not. :) This is why I sometimes have Yarboa spelled Yerboa, it's because it doesn't transliterate quite right and scholars have gotten slightly conflicting information from country vs city Yarboa. Generally, Yarboa (zhair-bow-a) is preferred.
  • Why is the site so bloody looking? The comic seems innocent enough. - That won't last. I believe (know for a fact, actually) that miscommunication leads to pain, hate, and bloodshed. The comic will take a turn towards violence in the future, and that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.
  • How many sequels will there be? - I'll keep making them until I'm bored with the setting. So far I've written two volumes, and not bored in the slightest yet.
  • What does () Yarboan word mean? - Guess. :D I'm trying to measure my skill as a storyteller by seeing how close people's translations get. I'll create some useful tools to help you guys out a bit in the near future, but for now you're on your own.
About Sandstorm Conscience

Sandstorm Conscience is an extended examination of miscommunication between cultures, and the harsh consequences that are born from that lack of comprehension.

The Sandstorm Conscience series is the most lasting and thought-out project by TSHolden to date: the first book is completely scripted, and the second volume is being released incrementally as a webcomic. The first volume is still in need of a proper artist, someone better than my chicken scratches, so contact me if you're interested.

The Red Books are best viewed at 50% resolution on most monitors, with two-page side-by-side. Volume 2 is a mostly normal webcomic, but makes extensive us of hovering to spice things up. Comments welcome.

Recommended Reading
Reading the Comic

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