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Posted on: March 3, 2008
So much for not seeing the girl again. I could make the argument that there are enough key differences for them to be two separate girls, but let's face it: we're seeing the whistling girl evolve. Now she's gotten depressed, gone to the bar, and has developed a conscience that look remarkably like a winged version of me.
Blue is a very sad color, as just about everyone knows. We call people "blue" for a reason. What people tend not to know is that straight blue can often backfire: I use blue heavily in EITS, which is a remarkably cheerful story. So what is the difference between sky blue and sad blue? In my opinion, it is the same thing that makes color so interesting in the first place: context.
Any color will appear to take on the properties of surrounding colors to a small extent. A Santa-y red in the presence of orange will take on a more sinister burning appearance. In the same way, blue in the context of lighter and happier shades will appear to be happy, while the same blue in the presence of some grit will begin to look depressed.
This piece will hopefully get a lot more attention in the future to really make use of the contextual properties of blue. Made with crayon, paper, and photoshop.