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Posted on: January 5, 2009
Cube 2 Logo
This is an image I made for the Cube community, as a loading screen / logo proposal. My goal was not so much to have a pretty image, but to throw out some ideas that would contrast with the other ideas and styles being shown (for example, I decided to stick with that awful blue, to show just how poorly it works in the Sauerbraten context).
Generally speaking, I was trying to stick with both Cube's grittyness and the simplicity it tries to maintain. The logo concept ended up being a bit frillier than I envisioned, but it serves several functions in my mind: it houses the map screenshot, and also acts as a progress bar by fading each face in as the main components of the map are loaded (grayscale for lightmaps, the inverse for models and geometry, and the normal for the textures, give or take).
Made entirely in Photoshop using existing Sauerbraten materials.