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Posted on: April 4, 2008
I've been rolling this idea around for a few days, so here's the doodled form of it. I may end up actually putting some time into it and moving it over to sketches. Who knows, I'm crazy and unpredictable like that. ;D
The actual meaning of this sketch is pretty straightforward. in my line of work, I primarily use two specific tools: my digital camera, and Photoshop (represented by the mouse). This is, of course, backed up by a complex chain of technology, and especially by the internet (represented by the Cat5E cable running around the figure).
One of the things I was trying with this sketch was to get a sort of down angle with the figure. I see tons of great artists... who can only draw from the side. They're always looking at their subjects from the same angle, and so whenever they try new angles they're so rusty and bad at them that it's embarrassing. I'm trying to go ahead and make those hideous pictures now, while I'm still learning in general, and hopefully it'll save me some embarrassment later.
Made with pen and paper, scanned in GIMP. Sorry about the low image quality, the scanner kind of futzed on me halfway.