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Posted on: May 18, 2007
I'm rarely this happy with my own work. This goes to show that I really do work better under pressure- I sat down Thursday night with no idea what I was going to upload Friday, flipped trough my sketchbook, chose one... and half an hour later I "woke up" as some designers find themselves doing at strange times and saw this staring back at me from Photoshop.
The original sketch has hardly been changed, just a bit of unsmudging. The inversion and color tweaking is just barely in my memory... I can actually remember drawing the sketch (I was drinking coffee with my grandmother and other immediate family) better than I can remember tweaking to image.
Note of interest, this was the first time I used a tablet for a published image. I'm still better with a mouse, but I'm catching on fast. Image made with pen, paper, and Photoshop.