Wake of Kerberos is an experiment in game design and storytelling, because it breaks some storytelling and RPG traditions very deliberately. It's a bit of a Final Fantasy parody, really, with some strong influences from some other cool games (I'll let you guess which ones).

Here are the chapters:
  1. Chapter 1. Gotta start somewhere.
  2. Chapter 2. Set a bit more of the mood, explain setting a little bit more.
  3. Chapter 3. Flesh out some of the cast, and how stuff works in this world.
  4. Chapter 4. Add a character, even more world description.
  5. Chapter 5. Another character or two, some more world explaination.
  6. Chapter 6. Some characterization for our protagonists.
  7. Chapter 7. Finally, some action!
  8. Chapter 8. A little bit of scene-setting.
  9. Chapter 9. The last members of the party, breifly introduced.
  10. Chapter 10. Takeoff and some description for The Pale.
  11. Chapter 11. Getting into "Level 1", so to speak. :)
  12. Chapter 12. Finding out what "Level 1" is actually about.