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Posted on: January 25, 2007
Malhooves are one of the most widely detested creatures in the magically inclined world. Small, fast, and agile, they are a plague that corrupts magical households and institutions out of pure spite. They were created centuries ago during the Perversion War, and have avoided countless extermination attempts since.
A foul cross between captive spies, warthogs, and poisonous snakes, Malhooves are devious but not intelligent, lightly furred but cold-blooded, travel in packs but are not organized. They do not have teeth, but instead mash their all-inclusive foods into a pulp with their hooves and then let a gastrolith in their bellies finish the process.
They tend to find a home containing magical items and them infest it, living in whatever holes they can, until they have managed to destroy whatever magic is present. If necessary, they will plague a location for decades. Natural cowardice keeps their disorganized attacks random, and they are quick to flee in every direction from a threat.