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Posted on: September 8, 2008
This fun little photoshop is just a little pitch image... I kinda want to talk an intern at my main job into doing some game design with me. The above is a tentative naming idea (we live in the Appalachian mountains, so 'appal function' is a slant rhyme... yeah, I know).
Actually, I should probably explain better. For those who don't know, () usually means that the preceding word is a function. So, appal() means that 'appal' is some kind of command that does something with whatever is enclosed in the () as parameters. It's a bit programmer-y and obscure, but I think that most gamers would recognize it as something code-related.
Made entirely in Photoshop, maybe 15 minutes of work, tops. 1280x768, so that it can be used for wallpapers.