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Filetype: swf
Posted on: September 5, 2008
Battle 1
I was working on the next chapter of Kereberos, trying to think "now, what would I think would be cool?" and also "how am I going to emphasize that this is like a typical RPG, with some fine distinctions?"
Well, what better way could there possibly be than a text-based illustration? I have always liked MUDs and SUDs, and the above is me trying to write my own, with limited success. A few features:
  • Turn-based combat that tracks itself. See how fast you can defeat the Print!
  • Capped Wards (also known as HP). You can heal yourself, but not beyond your original health. This applies to the Print too.
  • Nonlinear AI that has defensive scripting.
  • Limited inventory of items (I've given you more than enough to win).
  • Hard mode, for after you defeat the Print the first time.
  • Character-dependent submenus that change depending on available resources.
  • Battle narration ("22 damage dealt" etc)
  • Turn highlighting: helps indicate whose turn it is, and then who the Print is targeting. Includes distortion targeting.
  • 100% scalable graphics. :D Intended to be run at 640x240, so I can embed it (and future versions) into future chapters of Kerberos./li>
Made entirely in Flash CS3, from scratch.