On Sunday the 25th, May 2008, Patrick and I found time to get ourselves up to Damascus to visit Mary and Ryan at WT, and then go for a bike ride on the Virginia Creeper. On Mary's sage advice, we decided to head from Damascus towards Abington, because we hadn't done that section before.

This, as it turned out, was an excellent idea. We rode all the way to Abington and back (about 32 miles total), and had a great time. I took a ton of pictures while biking, which meant that only about half of them were in focus, but that still was enough to justify setting up this page. I also took some video, but those will be reserved for subscribed members of PattyFanClub.com (just kidding).

Click to see higher resolution.

Patrick, flying towards Abington. Focus for this one actually turned out OK, I was surprised.

Not as exciting as the previous shot, but same basic content. Notice the bikers up ahead: passing people got to be pretty old by the end of it.

More bikers (Patty is behind me).

This bridge was pretty awesome. I wish more of the pictures I took had turned out decent, but that's how it goes.

This is one of the picts that turned out... tolerable. I thought that the little house in the woods was neat, though the dock shows how low the water was.

Through the Dark Portal!

I was really hoping that this one would turn out, but it honestly didn't. I was trying to catch some depth-of-field distortion with my camera. (Stuff close seems stretched, you know?)

Different bridge, different view. This one crossed over a coutnry road and gave us a fantastic view of a traditional farm.

Pastures (not sure where the cows went).

The trail arching around the hill, giving us some more views of the farm.

The farm (and in the semi-foreground, you can see the country road I previously mentioned).

Slow vehicle turnoff?

But wait, there's more here on the next page! (Any more images on this single page would eat my bandwidth all to heck).