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Posted on: January 30, 2009
The above is a remake of a Moyashimon image which had the whole microbe cast in it. Rather than trying to cram the whole cast in there, I simply recreated the six most prominent members as Photoshop vectors, trying to make some educated guesses when the image left off and I needed a bit more (green fungus' hair is all wrong...)
I decided to make this because I love the show, and I want others to share that love. Because this is not my artwork per se, but rather a remake that I added labels to, I am also releasing the psd of the image: just click the image to go to it.
For the sake of searchability, here is the cast from left to right: Yogurti, Green Fungi, Oryzae, Cerevisiae, Black Fungi, and Bacillus. If I have gotten any of these wrong, please tell me, it can be a bit difficult to find the names of all the Moyashimon microbes!
Made *entirely* in Photoshop cs3 using the pen tool.