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Posted on: February 2, 2009
Saubar Jager
This is a character concept for Sauerbraten: there's been some discussion recently because of the addition of a new player model, and one of the screenshots inspired me to make this. (From the very screenshot that inspired it).
The idea isn't terribly original: a race of Hunters (or Jägers, if you're up on the German language) bred and raised to slaughter Snouts at any cost (referred to as Saubär, or pig-bears). The Saubär Jäger are as ruthless and brutal as the job required them to be, using everything from their teeth and artificial horns to the barbed wire wrapped around their extremities to take down their prey with singleminded intensity. They are renowned for their terrifying ability return to a fight, even after being utterly eliminated by explosive charges.
Art comments: I decided to use a relatively subdued color scheme (except for the eyes and armor plates, which are supposed to be shiny), in order to contrast more against the glossy Snouts. This would probably have to be changed if the design was ever actually produced. However, this concept does have a few practical compromises: all of the vectors are angular, just as a real model would be, and I've matched to the skeleton of the original pretty closely, so a new rig wouldn't be needed. The sword behind the left shoulder (and the bandoleer that goes with it) is similar to the skull on Mr. Fixit, in that it indicates the shielding on the character.
Made in Photoshop cs3, with some texture addition from Dave Gurrea. Built off of this screenshot by Eihrul.