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Posted on: February 13, 2009
Overmountain Logo
Ok, so two friends and I are trying to start up a new company, right? Rosy-eyed entrepreneurs and all that jazz. We've chosen a name that we like, and I've tossed together a website, so now we need to start crunching the specifics, such as "what's the logo gonna be like?"
Here's a relatively simple web version of what I'm envisioning. I've got the file rigged so that stripping out the gradients and other shiny stuff is just a couple of mouseclicks: I've also saved this as a pure text/vector file (5 layers) so that we can scale it easily to whatever we want.
To the very keen eyed, this is a stylized view of Grandfather Mountain, as seen from the southwest (because the Overmountain Men came from the southwest, see?).
Made entirely in Photoshop CS3.