Rant 06 - Onodrim Calendar

For this rant, I'm going to talk about the calendar that the Onodrim (and a few neighboring races in Yggdrasil) use for telling the day, week, and month.

The Onodrim calendar is inspired by the Norse Calendar, which was a surprisingly good calendar considering the culture. Echoes of that calendar are everywhere nowadays, through words like "Thursday" and "Friday". The Norse knew that there were 365 days a year, and broke each week down into 7 days. Whether this is related to the 7.383 day half- to full-moon cycle is entirely debatable.

The Onodrim have a slightly more complicated system. They break each week into two sets of days- the "Soldagr" and the "Lundagr", literally "Sun days" and "Moon days". The idea is that the first four days of the week are more appropriate for day work, while the last 3 are better for evening activities.

This is largely due to the patterns of Yggdrasil's sub-moons. While there is still a single great moon, that has a roughly 29.5 day cycle, there are several smaller moons that have a tricky pattern to comprehend. After severe boiling down, the system works out that the sub-moons are cumulatively brighter during the nights of Lundagr, and dimmer during Soldagr.

Other than the fluctuations of the moons, the Soldagr and Lundagr system is largely held in place by social conventions. To the Onodrim, working 4 days on a row on their primary profession should always be followed with 3 days dedicated to a separate endeavor. This duality does not cause as many problems as strangers usually expect- one Onodrim's primary profession may be the secondary to another. It does mean, however, that Lundagr is almost always more relaxed and informal than Soldagr.

The Onodrim calendar has 12 months, just like the Gregorian calendar and just about every other calendar that has been widely used. Like the Norse calendar, months start at the 14th of each Gregorian month (the only exceptions to this are the months of Goa and Ein, which start on the 13th and 15th respectively. This is an exception to the Nordic calendar and serves to give every month Frost through Summerfind 30 days).

The months are named as such:

The Onodrim typically begin their year on the first of Summerfind(Mid April). They will also attach the extra day generated by leap years to Summerfind (yeah, they have them too).


PS- The names of the months are likely to change once I get some more of the mythos worked out how I like it. In the meantime, enjoy a visual showing where the Onodrim months start as compared to ours! Reads left column down, right column down (starting with January, ending with December).

onodrim calendar