A rant is, for me, a page or longer of my opinion. I know that ranting is a long tradition of webmasters, and among webcomicmasters (is that a real term?) I have observed that rants fall into a wide variety of sizes and topics depending on variables far outside the context of the comics. This is great, as far as I'm concerned- readers get insights into the minds of the makers, but only as much as the maker feels like. Everybody wins, even those who hate to read.

These rants can be on anything. I don't want to force people to read them so they understand the comics or sketches or chapters I make- the comments underneath those items do everything necessary in that department. These are an extra peek into my thoughts, for those curious and/or brave.

And now, the rants themselves, listed oldest to newest:
  1. Width. In which I rant about the details of digital width. Doggone what an interesting start. (end sarcasm)
  2. Getting in Gear. ...I'll make a description for this later...
  3. Bloody English. A rant on writing clearly, written out of frustration.
  4. Language of the Onodrim. Me explaining how Onodrim write stuff down, and how their native tongue will appear in the comic.
  5. Coloring Tutorial. A brief tutorial on a digital coloring method I use, with illustrative screenshots.
  6. Onodrim Calendar. An explaination of the calendar the Onodrim use (and is used by this website).
  7. Magic System. How the magic of Yggdrasil works and an introduction to those that use it (Danger: very lengthy).
  8. Casting Magic. Continues on the above rant by explaining the different methods for casting spells.
  9. The Layers of Reality. Talks about how the world of Yggdrasil functions on a very deep level.
  10. Updating The Website. Explains how I update the website, step by step, complete with screenshots.
  11. Cube Search Plugin. Goes over a plugin I wrote to search cubeengine.com from Firefox.
  12. Bill Watterson. A Flash Rant featuring a presentation I had to do on Bill Watterson, of Calvin and Hobbes fame.
  13. Snow. A bit of meandering thoughts from me, a bit of background about Yggradsil.
  14. Ogro Numbers. A highly mathematical rant, trying to explain how the ogro system of numbers works.
  15. Photoshopping Products. I go over how to prepare product images for the web.
  16. Fairy Tales. An essay I wrote on fairy tales and video games.
  17. Flatfoot Video. A video of me drawing a sketch entitled "Flatfoot devil.".
  18. Kerberos Gameplay A rant about the theoretical gameplay mechanics of Wake of Kerberos.
  19. Talking to Web Designers A rant on how to communicate with web developers.
  20. Winter A tutorial covering the "Winter" levels from the game Auditorium.
  21. Coding for Artists A presentation that hopefully teaches artists a little bit about coding.
  22. Shroud A first draft of a short film script.
  23. Culling Some technical examination of culling in video games.
  24. Panoramas Talking about how panoramas work.
  25. Journey Talking about the game Journey.
More to come, keep your eyes on the newsposts!