Rant 09 - The Layers of Reality

Today's topic has been forming for some time now... years, in point of fact. If you've read very much fantasy literature at all, you're probably familiar with the idea of "planes" of existence. Simply put, two planes exist in the same place at the same time, but due to some difference in their nature they are separate from each other.

I have been stirring up my own version of this concept for a very long time, and have decided to use a specific version of it for Yggdrasil. The concept is referred to as "The Seven Layers of Reality", and is pretty easy to explain.

First off, the world is conveniently divided into 7 distinct but interwoven "layers". Each layer has unique characteristics and serves a specific purpose, but it is the sum of them that creates the world of Yggdrasil. Take away any one of them and world is massively less. Think of them like an extension of the dimensions idea- vertical, horizontal, depth, and time make up our 4 dimensions. Take away any one and you have a far less rich extistence.

However, the seven layers do not much concern themselves with space and time. In point of fact, only one layer deals with space and time directly, and that is the Physical layer. It is made of of the mass, position, and such of all things. Which begs the question, If the first layer holds all the matter of the world, what's left for the other six? Perhaps a list would help illustrate.

As mentioned in the last item, the true nature of the Holy Layer is somewhat unknown, because getting to it is extremely difficult. The same applies to Fate, but other kinds of life have managed to get glances into the realm of Fate. This is because life does not necessarily have to be centered on the physical layer, but can actually dwell primarily in any layer.

A prime example of this would the Nanna, life forms similar to fairies but centered on the Spirit Layer. Because they live primarily in the Spirit Layer, the order of the layers is as follows for them: Holy - Fate - Soul - Spirit - Physical - Mind - Shadow. As you can see, the order is the same, but rotated around.

As usual, there's more I need to explain, but time and brevity demand that I stop. If possible I'll explain more here when I can, and this design will be mentioned many times in the comic.