There are currently several comic projects that I am working on incrementally. This is because I'm lazy and have discovered that I am most productive in short runs, which translates into: some comics will update some times, others will update other times, and some may not get updated for a long, long time.

Sandstorm Conscience Click here to check out my most ambitious project, a full-fledged graphic novel! :D Now with a completed text draft for your enjoyment.
If you have any questions about this project, please check the quick FAQ I put on the Sandstorm Conscience index page.
Feth Fiada is a very short comic I put together last year for an anthology. I like the characters a lot, so I figured I'd post the thing.
Eyes in the Storm
EITS is the webcomic I am investing my energy into right now. It's simple, it's fun, and I've actually got an archive started. Eyes In The Storm is set in Yggdrasil, the same setting I plan to use for a future webcomic, Little Tentus (see below).

A quick summary for the curious would go something like this: In a deeply magical world, even clouds can be magical entities. EITS follows the life of a newborn cloud spirit, from beginning to the very end, though the journey to the end should be a long and pleasant one. What is this cloud's name? Well, you'll have to keep up with the comic to find out. :)

I have begun a Glossary that covers words and references that are unique to the world of Yggdrasil. None of this is required reading, but it's fun to know some of the history and settings behind EITS and LT.
Bell Curve
This series is quite different, and one of my more popular series to boot (maybe I'm doing this wrong). A series of math-y jokes centered around a talking bell curve. Nerd much?
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