This page will eventually hold Nashaii's writing and my ramblings, ranging from the occasional paper which I actually like, to subjects I feel like ranting about, to my somewhat l4me Zelda fanfiction. All of this has been proofread by myself, which is really no garauntee of quality.

After that is the Rants Section, which is also painfully small. This section sort of doubles as a explaination space for Little Tentus, and will probably continue to function that way until I get a glossary properly started.
Wake of Kerberos
An experiment in game design and storytelling, Wake of Kerberos breaks some storytelling and RPG traditions. I've gotten a few chapters up, which are indexed here.
The Holocene Pax
A rather more philosophical story that shares its setting with two other projects of mine. I've done only a handful of chapters, which are indexed here.
Contact With The Stewards
A first contact story I'm writing. It's still just ideas being tossed up, but it's fun to write, so maybe it'll be fun to read.
Megafauna (working title)
An outline of an animated movie I'd like to make sometime. Need animators first though.
Portal Test
A commentary on my Portal Test maps for Sauerbraten. Includes zip of said maps.
Special Characters
One of my most popular pages is my Special Characters page, which goes over how to write cool characters like Å or õ in HTML. Useful for quick reference.